PHOTOWOOD is primarily Jana Krcmarova, an artist with a natural talent for capturing the atmosphere of a story, literally a fabulous substance in real life.

Her home and its closest surroundings are her artistic studio - she sees beauty in everyday and seemingly unattractive things. With the camera in her hand, she often discovers the beauty of the ugly and transforms it into works of art that have already been appreciated by VOGUE Italia (Photo Vogue) editors.

Based in Bratislava, where both nature and the city is within reach, she can use their coherence so that the recipient feels the smell and hears the sounds of the environment and the particular moment. At the same time, she leaves enough room for your imagination to complete the story to your liking and experience.

Welcome to the world of PHOTOWOOD, to the world where even impossible is possible.

Jana in a Field of Daisies

© Jana Fašungová, 2019


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